Aviary Ferplast Planeta


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Characteristics of the Ferplast Planeta aviary for birds:
aviary for canaries and finches or for several birds
very spacious: offers plenty of space for birds
8 doors: allow easy access to the inside of the cage
removable plastic tray: facilitates cleaning
fully equipped, on legs
4 wheels make it easy to move the aviary
small gap between the bars
large storage space
external dimensions: L 97 x W 58 x H 116.5 cm (173.5 cm with feet)
interior dimensions: L 90 x W 55.5 x H 114.5 cm
tray height: H 17 cm
doors :
4 front doors: H 12.5 x W 12.5 cm
4 side doors: H 9.3 x W 10.0 cm
metallic, epoxy powder coated
distance between bars: 9.8 mm
thickness of the bars: 3 mm in diameter – 2 mm in diameter – 1.5 mm in diameter
accessories included:
9 perches: 4 long and 5 short
2 feeders
1 bathtub
2 bowls
2 swings
1 bowl for biscuits
1 cookie hook
1 universal food holder
1 stand on feet


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