Ferplast Maisonette for Plaza cage


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The Plaza Cage House proves that adding an extension to your little friend’s cage is not that complicated. You can in fact enlarge the Plaza 140, 160 and 200 cages in no time and offer your little rabbit or rodent a comfortable place to rest.

ventilation: slits on the front and on the sides
hook on the roof: to hang on the folded wall of the cage
easy assembly: just click the bottom of the playhouse onto that of the Plaza cage and lock the fasteners
raised plastic tray included: easy to clean
folding roof, secure metal fixings: the clips allow the house to be firmly fixed and the roof to be opened
nice look with patterns on the sides and front
playhouse: natural
tray: gray
total dimensions: L 42 x W 60 x H 50 cm
interior: L 39 x W 57 x H 46.5 cm
rim height: 16 cm
Entrance: W 18 x H 20 cm


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