Montana Paradiso 150 Indoor Aviary


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With approximately 150 cm wide and 130 cm high, the Montana Paradiso 150 aviary is very spacious and offers a perfectly suitable shelter for small and large parakeets and cockatiels. These will indeed have enough room to fly and play. Like all Montana aviaries, this one is also zinc-free but has an AVILON® powder coating.
You will appreciate its ingenious details, such as the protective flap in front of the bottom drawer and the acrylic protection panels which facilitate cleaning of the cage. The four doors in the front can be placed vertically to serve as a landing strip. You can also hang birdhouses or bathtubs on the four side doors. Thanks to the 360° swivel castors, you can easily move the aviary and put it outside when the weather is nice.

Features of the Montana Paradiso 150 indoor aviary:

spacious cage for small and large parakeets, cockatiels and small parrots
very spacious: offers a suitable shelter for your birds, with even more space than what is recommended by the experts
metal structure with AVILON® powder coating: not dangerous for birds, heated to 220°C
protection flap and acrylic protection panels: avoid dirt projections, facilitate cleaning of the cage
4 front doors: can be used as a landing support for your birds
4 front doors: for hanging birdhouses or bathtubs
stable and 360° swivel wheels: for easy transport of the cage
color: aged look / platinum
total dimensions: L 150 x W 65 x H 161 cm approximately
exterior (without support): L 148.5 x W 59.5 x H 130 cm approximately
interior: L 146 x W 63 x 124 cm approximately
bottom drawer height: 3 cm
distance between the bars: approximately 1.0 cm
thickness of the bars: 2 mm


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