Savic Tasmania 120 Rodent Cage Kit


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The Savic Tasmania 120 Wooden Rodent Cage Kit will allow you to transform any suitable aviary into a comfortable home for your chinchillas, degus, rats and other rodents in no time. Wooden ladders and platforms form a stimulating environment that meets the needs of small rodents. Your animals will be able to jump, climb and rest on the spacious platforms or enjoy the view as they please. In addition, this kit offers enough space to accommodate bowls or toys for your animals. The edges of the platforms are covered with stainless steel and reduce the risk of damage caused by your rodents as well as keeping the platforms in good condition for as long as possible.

Savic Tasmania 120 Rodent Cage Kit Features:
rodent cage kit
perfectly adapted to the Savic Tasmania 120 cage and other cages with the same dimensions
6 ladders and 6 solid, untreated wooden platforms
stainless steel edges: protection against damage caused by your rodents
metal hooks: for easy attachment to the grid
offers space and comfort to your rodents
can also be used as an addition to other bird cages of the same dimensions
color: natural
materials :
platforms: untreated wood with stainless steel edges
ladders: untreated wood
hooks: metal
platforms (hooks not included):
total dimensions: L 63.5 x W 26.2 x H 1 cm
lying surface: L 51.5 x W 26.2 cm
Ladders: L 42.1 x W 10.1 x H 0.8 cm
content: 6 wooden platforms, 6 wooden ladders


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