Skyline Barney Rodent Cage


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Featuring closely spaced bars, the Skyline Barney cage is ideal for your small rodents, such as hamsters, dwarf hamsters and mice. Its high tray has been designed to contain a thick layer of litter, which encourages rodents to express their natural behavior and scratch. Its high walls also help keep the surroundings of the cage clean.

The large hatch on the top as well as the 2 side doors will allow you to reach your small rodents and all the angles of the cage. This cage comes with various accessories: a platform, a ladder, a wooden house and a plastic wheel. The wooden accessories have been made from laminated wood and untreated birch wood, and can therefore be chewed on by your small animals without danger. Cleaning this Skyline Barney cage is a breeze: open the closing clips and simply remove the grid to access the contents of the bin.

Skyline Barney Rodent Cage Features:

spacious cage for small rodents
ideal for hamsters, dwarf hamsters, mice and rats
modern design: pretty natural accessories
easy cleaning: simply remove the grid to clean the tray
easy assembly thanks to practical mounting clips
2 handles
total dimensions: L 100 x W 56 x H 46 cm
internal dimensions: L 96 x W 52 x H 51 cm
tray height: 17 cm
distance between the bars: 7 mm
bars thickness: 1.6 / 2.5 mm (horizontal / vertical)
roof hatch: L 39 x W 25 cm
2 front doors: W 11 x H 12 cm
materials: lacquered grid, non-toxic and zinc-free
colors: black / blue (grid / tray)
accessories: 1 platform, 1 ladder, 1 house, 1 wheel


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