Skyline Hoppelgarten 100 Rodent Cage


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The Skyline Hoppelgarten cage provides mice, rats, hamsters and other rodents with a spacious place to shelter comfortably. Its litter height of 20 cm will allow your little companions to dig, search and hide as much as they want.

The mix of materials gives this cage a unique appearance, great strength and ease of maintenance. The bottom is waterproof and the side seams can be sealed with silicone gasket. Another practical detail: the cage is equipped with 4 rubber wheels to allow you to easily move it to another room or to the garden.

Features of the Skyline Hoppelgarten 100 rodent cage:
rodent cage (rat, mouse, hamster)
modern design: solid wood and transparent plexiglass
fully folding roof: facilitates access and cleaning
very comfortable: litter height of 20 cm, ideal for resting and letting off steam
optimal hygiene: thanks to the easy-to-clean multiplex base
versatile: 4 casters allow it to be moved easily
5 mesh doors: for easy access and filling of bowls
wooden frame covered with UV-resistant transparent varnish
waterproof bottom
silicone tube included to seal joints
easy assembly
colors: ecru, black
total dimensions:
internal dimensions: H 53.5 x W 97 x D 68 cm
external dimensions: H 60.5 x W 100 x D 71.5 cm
litter height: 22 cm
side doors: 4 x H 11 x B 12cm
skylight: H 24 x W 39 cm
distance between the bars: 7 mm
bars thickness: 3.2 mm and 1.5 mm
materials :
frame: beech
back walls: plexiglass
background: multiplex
mesh: metal, powder coated
wheels: metal / rubber
additional floors: 2
accessories: 2 wooden ladders, 2 wooden platforms


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