Trixie Fruit and Vegetable Holder


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The Trixie fruit and vegetable holder is the ideal solution for hygienically distributing fresh food to your little friends. Simply skewer the food on the rack and hang it from the bars of the cage so that it doesn’t get dirty. This chromed metal stand will also amuse and entertain your animals, which will make them swing while trying to catch their food. The meal becomes a game!

How to use the Trixie fruit and vegetable holder: unscrew the lower part and put the food of your choice on the spit. Screw back and hang the stand in the cage. The rod swings as soon as your companion starts nibbling on it. He will have to really get active and exert himself a lot to get to taste his treats.

Features of the Trixie Fruit and Vegetable Rack:
length: about 20 cm
material: chromed metal
for birds
easy to use :
unscrew, prick the food, screw back, hang – it’s ready!
to hang in the cage
with carabiner
hygienic: fresh food stays clean
entertaining: the animals have to exert themselves to catch the food


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