Trixie Rabbit Play Tunnel


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The Trixie Rabbit Play Tunnel resembles a burrow as found in nature. Your little companion will be happy to hide in it and look for the exit.

This tunnel serves as both a toy and a hiding place. It is perfectly adapted to the needs of rabbits who feel naturally reassured when they are close to a place where they can hide. Of course, in a house rabbits do not encounter the same dangers as in nature, but they are still fearful animals and it is necessary to provide them with hiding places to shelter themselves. Your little companion will therefore love taking refuge in the Trixie play tunnel.

Measuring 130 cm long and 18 cm in diameter, this tunnel is ideal for dwarf rabbits who will have no difficulty entering it without being too wide. Your small rodent will feel perfectly protected in the tunnel, much like in its burrow. The Trixie green/anthracite play tunnel can also be used as a shelter for other rodents such as mice, rats and guinea pigs. Made of sturdy, easy-care cotton, it can be machine washed at 30°C.

Tip: For more stability, attach the tunnel to an outdoor cage or enclosure using the straps.

Features of the Trixie Rabbit Play Tunnel:

play tunnel for rabbits and other rodents
looks like a terrier
both toy and hiding place
easy-care, machine washable up to 30°C
color: green/anthracite
material: cotton
length: 130cm
diameter: 18cm


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